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Company News About RD-003 Multi-Rotor UAV
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RD-003 Multi-Rotor UAV

Latest company news about RD-003 Multi-Rotor UAV

RD-003 Multi-Rotor UAV

Description RD-003 Multi-Rotor UAV :

RD-003 is an industrial-grade six-rotor UAV with a body made of carbon fiber,which is light in weight and high in strength. The can be mounted with various mounts including loudspeaker, infrared, zoom camera, and tilt camera system to provide services for different industries such as public security, fire protection, and electric power in complex environments.


Feature of RD-003 Multi-Rotor UAV :

  • Modular design, with high reliability and easy to carry
  • Simple operation, fully autonomous takeoff and landing, independent research and development of double redundancy IMU hot switching flight control, safe and efficient operation
  • The body is made of carbon fiber composite material, which is light in weight and high in strength. The folding arm packaging is extremely portable
  • Equipped with 22000maH battery, the maximum flight time can reach more than 60 minu With a wealth of task load interface, covering mapping, patrol, security, aerial photography and other fields
  • Battery support large current fast charge, more efficient operation
  • Support handheld integrated ground station or box type three defense ground station


Specifications of RD-003 Multi-Rotor UAV :

Type Parameters
Wheelbase 1133mm
Maximum take-off weight 16kg
Maximum load 7kg
Maximum ascent speed 5m/s
Maximum horizontal flight speed 65km/h
Battery capacity 22000mAh*12S LiHV
Empty flight time 67min
Maximum Control Radius 15km
Maximum altitude ceiling 4500m
Hover Accuracy Vertical ±1m; Horizontal ±1.5m
Return One-button return, out of control return, low battery return
Maximum wind resistance


Level 6

Working temperature -10~60℃

16kg Maximum 5m/S Multi Rotor UAV High Reliability 7kg VTOL Wing Drone 0